Martin Asbæk Gallery is proud to present the solo exhibition "Tentacles" by the Danish artist Kristian Dahlgaard. The exhibition offers spectacular forms where Dahlgaard follows new paths and joins organic images with crystalline structures. Based on his earlier work with the uniform sculptures, his work chal-lenges and captures the viewer with its octopus-like sculptural associations.
Photography Morten Kamper Jacobsen

Dahlgaard is particularly known for his work with sculptures, but was also a central figure in the ground breaking exhibition The Knife On the Head from 1982. In 2004 he created the exhibition Uniform – a series of sculptures containing geometric building blocks, where Dahlgaard through sculptural work with bronze, examines certain forms and how vast it is possible to stretch them. In Tentacles this thought is developed further and it is seen how the shapes almost comes to live when they are stacked and trans-formed into beautiful giants and mutated molecules. The term is thus both vibrant and dynamic as the sculptures mutate and building blocks evolve into forms that reach out, engulfs and captures the viewer in its net.

The works are created in bronze and stainless steel, some coloured in various enamels, giving the ex-hibition a contrasting expression in both colour and design, as seen in the raw, cold steel against the use of warm red and yellow surfaces. The exhibition includes 7 sculptures that various in size, expres-sion and colour.

Kristian Dahlgaard (b.1958) graduated from the Danish Royal Academy of Fine Arts in 1983. Since the ground breaking exhibition The Knife on the Head in 1982, Dahlgaard was exhibited at Esbjerg Museum of modern art, Kunsten in Aalborg, The Art Foundation Gl. Strand, Herning Art Mu-seum, Den Frie Udstillingsbygning, to mention a few, as well as several international art fairs. Dahl-gaard is included in several greater collections like The National Gallery of Denmark, the Ny Carlsberg Foundation, Kunsten in Aalborg, Collection Nobel & Hug in Zurich and Anni and Otto Detlefs Foundation.