In Trine Søndergaard's characteristic subtle art photographs, she has depicted 19th-century headgear from the Skive region in 17 photographic works.

In the context of the exhibition project, From Where We Stand – 7 Exhibitions on National Identity Trine Søndergaard examines the subjects of Identity, the lives of women and historical headdresses. The artist explored Skive Museum’s cultural history collection of hats, bonnets, scarves and hair clasps from the 19th century, drawing inspiration for the new works in the exhibition.

The photographic universe of Trine Søndergaard with its covered faces and faces turning away, exudes a special silence, in which the focal point is the history of women.

For a number of years, the artist has been studying how, over time, women’s headwear has been an expression of something cultural and personal. Trine Søndergaard’s works thereby tackle a current theme vis-à-vis our historical and national identity. The exhibition at the Skive Museum presents brand new works, in which the artist has drawn inspiration from 19th-century headgear in the region of Skive, juxtaposed to some of her previous series of works.