New collaboration with MyHomes

We are happy to share the launch of an exciting collaboration with Danish company MyHomes. In 2023, Martin Asbæk Gallery will be presenting works in the homes that MyHomes operates for a large number of Danish families in European cities – and the first works have already been installed in the south of France. The aim is to promote contemporary art as well as make it accessible to more people:

“The majority of people primarily experience art in museums and galleries, but with this collaboration, we can offer something special to the owners of MyHomes and the artists in our portfolio. Namely, taking art out of its familiar framework as well as giving people the experience of what it is like to live with art,” says Martin Asbæk. 

“Art is more than just decoration, it can challenge you intellectually and confront you in your everyday life, in your familiar surroundings. In addition, of course, there is also the joy of being surrounded by quality and works that are meant for future generations.”