Summer in the City

Summer is finally here, and we are happy to invite you to the opening of the 16th edition of our annual group show Summer in the City. As is tradition, the artists of the gallery will present new works, allowing for a comprehensive overview and insight into their creative development. Opening: Friday, July 2nd from 3 pm - 6 pm.
Participating artists:
Adam Jeppesen
Anna Rettl
Astrid Kruse Jensen
Clare Woods
Ebbe Stub Wittrup
Elina Brotherus
Eva Koch
Hans Hamid Rasmussen
Helen Sear
Jacob Stangerup
Jane Jin Kaisen
Jesper Carlsen
Kasper Eistrup
Kristian Dahlgaard
Lars Nørgård
Lisa Strömbeck
Maria Rubinke
Markus Oehlen
Martin Liebscher
Matt Saunders
Mille Kalsmose
Nicolai Howalt
Niels Bonde
Paul McDevitt
Peter Bonde
Peter Bonnén
Slater Bradley
Sofie Bird Møller
Thorsten Brinkmann
Trine Søndergaard