Niels Bonde 95% sure Facial Recognition and other works

In the lounge, Martin Asbæk Gallery presents the exhibition "95% sure Facial Recognition and other works" by the Danish artist Niels Bonde. Since 1992 Danish Niels Bonde has worked with the theme of surveillance through his art, which ranges wide over sculpture, painting, textile, video, installation and classic as well as new digital media.
Author David Law Jensen

Three decades ago very few people would have considered surveillance a central factor in their everyday life. In 2018 it has become an inevitable condition to which everyone must relate; a condition whose diffusion, complexity and lack of transparency has only grown, and which – paradoxically – involves both restrictions on and potentials for the self-expression of the individual. Our personally sensitive data are leaked while we willingly share private moments with the whole world on the social media.

In the lounge of the gallery we present a selection of Niels Bonde’s most significant works from recent years in the form of sculptures, LED screens, tapestries, prints, garments and models. In the quiet, intimately lit exhibition spaces away from the busy street Bredgade the public are drawn into a darker, withdrawn universe where Niels Bonde manipulates, visualizes and comments with equal proportions of seriousness and humour on today’s urgent issues of privacy. The exhibition “95% sure Facial Recognition and other works” formulates the strange mixture of fascination and fear that characterizes our current relation to and use of surveillance.