Lars Nørgård: Beehive Cockpit

On February 24th, Lars Nørgård opens "Beehive Cockpit" at Martin Asbæk Gallery with an exclusive presentation of his newer works.
Photography Morten Kamper Jacobsen

Playful and expressive contours with a Chinese touch, meeting a meticulous finish in a mixture of oil and acrylic. A restless balance. Forms that meet and interact. Cold colors and warm colors. Sometimes they argue, sometimes they seem friendly. Everything may change right as you are watching. It is easy to get lost but you still end up with the bigger picture – or something completely different. There are thousands of fabulous characters in Lars Nørgård’s new works but no real motive. He embraces his entire artistic practice from the expressive paintings of the ’80s to the more cartoonish and figurative works of the late ’90s, making his painting stand out stronger today than ever before.