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Kasper Eistrup


Kasper Eistrup was born in 1973 in Copenhagen, Denmark, where he lives and works today. He began his creative career in the 1990’s as the lead singer and founding member of the Danish rock band Kashmir. In parallel with his musical profession, Kasper Eistrup – who is self-taught and has been drawing and painting throughout his life – has over time been working more professionally within the visual arts, exhibiting as a painter since 1999.

The artistic voice of Kasper Eistrup has been shaped by the collision of several elements, in part by images within images collectively creating a new and expanded narrative. He himself calls it ”fragmentarism”, the technical implication being the utilization of drawing, painting and installation, frequently in the same piece.

Even within his painting you find great reach, from meticulous photo-realism to pure expressionism. In similar fashion pieces are often crafted from a number of visual elements, all painted and drawn painstakingly by Kasper Eistrup. The undeniable fulcrum is without fail people and the meeting between people – for better and for worse. Or to phrase it differently: life as we live it here and now.

In 2018, Kasper Eistrup was commissioned to paint a portrait of the Crown Prince Frederik of Denmark, which was revealed at the opening of his solo exhibition Fragmentarium at Frederiksborg Castle in Hillerød, north of Copenhagen. In the summer of 2019, Martin Asbæk Gallery will present an exhibition with new works by Kasper Eistrup.

Selected Works

Biography / CV

Born 1973, Copenhagen
Lives and works in Copenhagen

Fragmentarium, The Prince Gong Fu Mansion, Beijing, China
Absence, Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen, DK

Residency with the artist program CCA Andratx’, Mallorca
Fragmentarium, Museum Frederiksborg Castle, Hillerød, DK (Solo show)

Diamonds to Dust, Galleri Benoni, Copenhagen, DK (Solo show)

An unknown Land, Frederikshavns art museum, Frederikshavn, DK (Group show)
An unknown Land, Galleri Kirk, Aalborg, DK (Group show)

Book of Love, Galleri Benoni, Copenhagen, DK (solo show)

Gennem byen sidste gang, Galleri Benoni, Copenhagen, DK
This is Our Music This is our Art, David Risley Gallery, Copenhagen, DK
MOSH Exhibit: Horse of a different color.

Music on my mind, Charlotte Fogh Contemporary; Aarhus, DK
Ambiguous faces, Gallery B15, Copenhagen, DK
Kasper Eistrup made two stamps for Post Danmark

Group show, Hans Alf Gallery, Copenhagen, DK

Falkener Project: Group show

Charlotte Fogh Contemporary: Group show

Falkener Project: Paintings, drawings and graphics. (solo show)