Jacob Stangerup


Born 1971 in Copenhagen, Denmark
Lives and works in Copenhagen, Denmark

Working primarily with charcoal drawing and sculpture, Stangerup often composes his works by juxtaposing pictorial elements from artists of distinctly different styles. By citing motifs from prominent figures in the history of art, and superimposing them in this own works, Stangerup creates works that contain inner tension, as divergent modes of expression, meticulously rendered by the artist, collide and seem to suggest a new meaning, induced by their mere synthesis.

With an inclination towards depictions of the human figure, its anatomy and iconic bodily expressivity, Stangerup acknowledges that such motifs are timeless, recurring as emotionally charged visual tropes throughout cultural history. While the individual styles of each artist are recognizable in Stangerup’s hybrid compositions, his works also employ subject matter from his private sphere, resulting in unorthodox constellations that retain a distinct idiosyncrasy, an unmistakable, intuitive touch that shines through his technically diligent oeuvre.

Jacob Stangerup has exhibited at the Nivaagaard Collection, Kunstforeningen Gl. Strand in Denmark, and Magasin 3 Museum for Contemporary Art in Stockholm, among other places.

Selected Works

Biography / CV


Jacob Stangerup (b. 1971, Denmark) lives and works in Copenhagen.



Studied and worked with the Danish sculptor Jørgen Haugen Sørensen in Pietrasanta, Italy, 1996-2000


Solo exhibitions


Olympia, Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark


Kleptographica, Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark


Equilibrium Studies, Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark


Corpo Squisito, Nivaagaards Malerisamling, Nivå, Denmark


Jacob Stangerup, Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark


Mode d’emploi, Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark