Adam Jeppesen


Born 1978 in Kalundborg, Denmark.

In his work Adam Jeppesen searches for the silence in desolate landscapes and the physical elements the artist surrenders to. The images of remote, rugged landscapes are suffused with a sense of tranquillity, reflection and contemplation. Jeppesen’s work is a search for spirituality, which is found in seclusion, but it also addresses the materiality and transience of the photograph as an object. The journey has left visible traces and blemishes on the photographs. The art works are beyond the traditional experience of space and time, nevertheless they serve as a confirmation for certain moments that nevertheless appear as the enigmatic presentation of a distorted reality. He is interested in the aesthetic value of the imperfect elements, the search for balance between purity, perfection and the damaged portion therein – the physical vestiges and imprints, which are so easily left behind and so seldom examined. The studio is an equally important part of this process as the journey itself.

Adam Jeppesen first gained international recognition with his Wake series, which was published in 2008 by Steidl in book format. In 2009, Jeppesen was nominated for both the Deutsche Börse Photography Prize and the KLM Paul Huf Award. His work has been exhibited worldwide and is present in the collection at the Denver Art Museum (USA), the Danish Arts Foundation, the National Public Art Council in Sweden, the National Museum of Photography in Denmark, as well as in numerous private collections. Adam Jeppesen lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.

Selected Works

Biography / CV

Adam Jeppesen

Born 1978 in Kalundborg, Denmark.
Lives and works in Buenos Aires, Argentina.


2002 Graduates from Fatamorgana, Copenhagen, Denmark

Adam Jeppesen, Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark
Summer in the City, Martin Asbæk Gallery, Copenhagen
Visions of Nature, Kunst Haus Wien, Vienna
A world of Photogravure, Niels Borch Jensen, Copenhagen
Out of Camp, FOAM, Amsterdam
The Pond, Galerie van der Mieden, Antwerp
Extraits de la plaine, Bendana Pinel, Paris
Sart, RØM, Copenhagen

Indentations, Niels Borch Jensen, Berlin
Touched – Craftmanship in Contemporary Photography,
Museum Het Schip, Amsterdam

Out of Camp, C/O Berlin, Germany

SCATTER – New Color Works, Peter Lav Gallery, Copenhagen,
DNK 2014 X, Galerie van der Mieden, Bruxelles, Belgien
X, Galerie van der Mieden, Bruxelles, Germany

På Papiret, Peter Lav Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Flatlands Camp Project, Galerie van der Mieden, Antwerp, Germany
Flatlands Camp Project, National Museum of Photography, Copenhagen, Denmark

The Flatlands Camp Project – Beyonder, Peter Lav Gallery, Copenhagen, Denmark

Faaborg Museum, Faaborg, Denmark
On Sleepwalking, Galleri Image, Aarhus, Denmark

Saimaa, peter lav Photo Gallery, Valby, Denmark

The Wake, Galleri Hornbæk, Hornbæk, Denmark

New Territory: Landscape Photography Today, Denver Art Museum, Denver, USA
BACK TO THE FUTURE – The 19th century in the 21st century,
C/O Berlin, Berlin, Germany
On disappearance and appearance, The Ephemeral in Photography, Alfred Ehrhardt Stiftung, Berlin, Germany

BACK TO THE FUTURE – The 19th century in the 21st century,
FOAM, Amsterdam, Netherlands

Out of Camp, C/O Berlin, Germany

I plunge into black holes and emerge intact, Gallery Taik Persons,
Berlin, Germany

The Return of the Real, with Olafur Eliasson & Joakim Eskildsen,
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Contemporary art from Denmark, European Central Bank,
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Gallery Innova, Uruguay

Westen i Sydhavn, Sydhavn Station, Copenhagen, Denmark
True Colors, Atlas Gallery, London, United Kingdom
Rendezvous with nature, Northern Photographic Center, Oulu, Finland
State of the Art, Carlsberg Byen Slottet, Copenhagen, Denmark

Do you remember the first time, Atlas Gallery, London, United Kingdom
Voices Off, Arles, France
Play, Collect, Construct, Fold and Display, LhGWR, Den Haag, NL 2011
Arctic, Multimedia Art Museum, Moscow, Russia

Out of Life, Grohman Villa, Lodz, Polan

Photography Group Show, Galerie van der Mieden, Antwerp, Germany

Eden, Galerie van der Mieden, Antwerp, Germany

Small Formats, Peter
Nuit Blanche, Paris,
Wir Für Euch, Kudlek
Nuit d’Europe, Arles

Tillykke Lille Fugl, Fleisher/Ollman Gallery, Philadelphia, US 2006 Stills, PL gallery,
Copenhagen, Denmark

New Danish Photography, Scandinavia House, New York, USA
Transient images, Galleri Hornbæk, Hornbæk, Denmark

Scandinavian Photography II: Denmark. Faulconer Gallery, Grinnell College, Grinnell, USA


2009 Deutsche Borse Photography Prize – Nominated
KLM Paul Huf Award – Nominated Grants


2012 Paul René Gauguins Fond
The Danish Arts Foundation
2010 Fogtdals Fotografipris ‘10
The Danish Arts Foundation
2009 Ebba Celinders Legat
The Danish Arts Foundation

Ny Carlsbergfondet. Denver Art Museum, US. The Danish Arts Foundation, DNK. The Swedish Arts Foundation, SE. The National Museum of Photography, DNK Museet for Fotokunst, Brandts, DNK Nykredit Fonden, Copenhagen, DNK. C/O Berlin, Berlin, DE